Scrabble, which is one of the board games played with more than one person like Monopoly. This game, based on the principle of forming meaningful words by aligning the existing letters on a symmetrical game board in a certain direction, is able to provide a great benefit in terms of both developing the power of thinking and using the dictionary. There is an online game with the name of Scrabble Sprint.

The aim of the game,is to produce meaningful words by placing a letter on each square and to create other meaningful words that end with these words.

There are few tips which the beginners need to follow in order to have a firm grip on the game.

Some of the tips are given below.


  1. Memorize two letter words. Two letter words are very easy to remember and they are very powerful according to the scores. So, if a person wants to win the game easily he should try to learn all the two letter words. Some of these high scoring words are : aa, zo, no, yo, ax, ne, ya, ye, an etc.
  2. Target the Rack balance. Think ahead and target for creating a balance between the number of vowels and consonants. The best ratio is 4 consonant to 3 vowels.
  3. Try adding suffixes such as ly. Adding suffixes such as ly to the end of existing words can yield good scoring words such as fastly, slowly, quickly etc.
  4. Try appending prefixes such as im. Adding prefixes to the existing words can also help you a lot. Such as imperfection, immutable etc.
  5. Try focusing on the bingos. Bingos which means using all your tiles at once can assist you in scoring fast. So, plan ahead for bingo. Use s, blank tiles etc carefully and save it for bingos.
  6. Try to be careful with the word Q. Q is the worst tile to make words with. The good technqiue is to learn those words ahead which can be formed from Q.

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