Scrabble is a type of game that can be played at any time and can be enjoyed by people of different ages. Senior citizens with memory or cognitive problems can especially benefit from regularly playing this game.

If they are finding it difficult to play due to their physical or mental challenges, an elder care professional would be happy to assist when needed.

[Source: Activities For Seniors]

Health Benefits.

It does provide benefits to people of all ages but here are some of the benefits that senior citizens can get from this board game.

  1. It helps in decreasing the risk of mental illness. This game will keep the mind of senior citizens stimulated and engaged, resulting in strengthening the brain. Cause of this, there is a lesser chance of developing dementia or other diseases that affect the brain
  2. It makes you happy. Board games, such as Scrabble, can be a fun activity to do with the senior citizens and other loved ones. Chances are there will also be a great deal of laughing during the game. By laughing, endorphins are increased, which is a chemical in the brain that triggers a feel-good response.
  3. It helps in decreasing the blood pressure. Scrabble word finder can be played to lower and maintain blood pressure levels. Muscles become relaxed and the blood circulates, which will help keep the elder’s blood pressure at a normal and healthy level.
  4. It improves the immune system. Because of the happy and positive feelings the senior citizens will have when playing Scrabble, their immune system will be able to get rid diseases and illnesses. Playing this game will help to keep your loved one healthy.
  5. It helps in improving the memory. By play this game, the elder might be able to better find items around the house. It will get the entire brain engaged, resulting in improved memory and cognitive skills.

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